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Bringing ideas to life.

'bring your ideas to life'

51 Parallel Media is a digital media team with one goal in mind, to bring your ideas to life. We are a team of creators, story tellers and builders. It’s no secret, we’re living in the golden age of digital information and the competition is moving a mile a minute. The platforms for your ideas have never been so accessible and connected to the world, but the podium is congested. It's more important than ever that you sync vision and voice, we’re here to drown out the noise. The digital environment is cut throat and overpopulated, it's too damn easy to get lost in the crowd. Underexposure translates to a static trajectory for your business, but don’t stress, 51 is here to elevate your message and ensure the spotlight is dialed in on your message.

People can smell bullshit a mile away, we show the real you. Our strategies provide the highest quality marketing and social media campaign without the high agency price tags. How do we achieve this? By focusing on the up and comers like you. We choose our projects with the highest standards. We want real, so we look for the real. We’re here to alleviate the anxiety and worry that comes with starting a business. Getting bogged down with market research and social media trends can rob you of the passion that inspired you to fire things up. 51 takes over this integral part of your entrepreneurial load by assisting with visually stunning content creation, branding and online marketing. Focus on your dreams and rest easy, we got this. When people understand your passion and uniqueness, you’ll find a community of dedicated and loyal customers.

You’ve found your passion, let us help find your voice. We’ve noticed that outsourcing similar service offerings have traditionally costed an arm and a leg and it’s something we’re here to remedy. We work with the small teams and individuals to provide an ROI that can’t be beat. We deliver the highest quality while ensuring our clients aren’t paying the high fees charged by larger creative companies. We’ve achieved this synergy do this by operating with barebones overhead, making use of digital office space and employing our extensive gear and software strategically.

We’ve mastered the challenges of working remotely and have the flexibility to meet your specific needs. At 51 Parallel Media, community is the backbone of our business. We are all about creating relationships, supporting our local community, and having fun while we do it.

Want to join our community and create some cool shit together?

Get to know our team below.



Dan zentner
Team Lead/Strategist


michael Benz


Cole Mcfarlane
Creative Director


Reece Anderson
Graphic Design
Sound Design


Wade Taylor
Accounts Manager


Lukas SchroeDer


Mark Corbett


Video Production

Nothing tells a story or conveys a message quite like video. We handle all stages of production. No matter how big or small the job, we can bring any and all of your ideas to life. Stand out. Get views. Generate conversation and tell your story, people!


Like many others we take and edit pictures, but we’re awesome at it. We can make you or your products and services look cool as heck. Whether its for your social content, headshots or anything else you can think of, we got you.

Web Design

How about a show stopping website that is actually user friendly and delivers your message for a fraction of the cost of the other guys. Pretty neat, eh?

Graphic Design

The art of combining pictures and text to communicate your message. I mean, you need a logo? Poster? Anything? You came to the right place, because we do this stuff and we do it well.

Social Strategy

Is the follow then unfollow strategy not working out? Let us help re energize your social media platforms and formulate a new plan that we can track and modify as needed. Not only will you start to reach your ideal audience, you’ll grow your community too, because thats the #goals right?

Brand Strategy

We will work together to understand the spirit of your business and understand your identity. Next, lets figure out your brand and build on it. Once that is defined, we can ingrain consistent branding into everything you do.


“Lots of companies write good, we right gooder”. Let’s get to know each other, capture your brands voice and help give some energy to your written word.


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